One Sided Love Shayari in English to Share on Social Media

Ever feel like your heart does a little happy dance when a certain someone walks by, even though they might not have a clue? One sided love is a complex emotion, a beautiful mix of yearning and unspoken affection. If you’re pining over someone who might not feel the same way, this article is for you.

We’ve got a collection of One Sided Love Shayari in English, that perfectly capture the bittersweet feelings you’re experiencing. Share them on your social media (be it a cryptic post on WhatsApp or a more open message on Facebook) and let the world know (or maybe just the universe) what’s going on in your heart.

One Sided Love Shayari in English

I steal glances your way, hoping they land on me, but you’re a universe away.

A silent melody plays in my heart, a song of love only you can’t hear.

My dreams are painted with your smile, a reality my heart aches to embrace.

Every song, every poem, speaks of you, a love story only my heart understands.

A silent admirer, a heart that holds you dear, Wishing on every star, hoping you might feel near.

Your smile, a sunrise that brightens my day, Even though your gaze never seems to come my way.

One Sided Love Shayari for Your Boyfriend:

You’re the sun in my sky, even if I’m just a star for you.

Seeing you smile is my sunshine, even if it warms someone else.

I write poems in my mind, each verse a love letter for you.

Maybe someday you’ll notice the way I steal glances at you.

Silently, you’ve made me crazy, you’ve taught me to love.

This one-sided love may break me, but it also makes me whole.

Loving you teaches me resilience, the beauty of unrequited dreams.

Maybe someday I’ll let go, but for now, I cherish this bittersweet song.

My heart may ache, but it’s a testament to a love pure and true.

One Sided Love Shayari for your Girlfriend (Hinglish)

Tumhara Saath Chaahe Na Do, Phir Bhi Dil Hai Deewana Tera.

Chupke Se Hi Dekhta Hoon Tumhe, Yehi Mera Pyaar Ka Sila Hai.

Ishq Ek Tarfa Hi Sahi, Lekin Is Mein Bhi Ek Suhana Gum Hai.

Lafzon Mein Bayaan Nahi Kar Sakta, Tumhare Liye Kitna Hai Pyaar

Tumhari Muskaan Hi Meri Khushi Hai, Chaahe Woh Kisi Aur Ke Liye Ho

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